Your Luxurious Clinical Care Experience Starts Here

More than a spa resort, health retreat, or luxury hotel, we’re a unique kind of wellbeing space that puts purpose and people at our core and to help them create a life in balance.

Privé-Swiss Wellness offers a strategically developed range of health care services in two beautiful locations. Having a team of holistic-minded health care professionals allows for detailed assessments and a comprehensive wellness plan for each individual who spends time with us. This is particularly helpful for a person who may be experiencing complicated symptoms triggered by anxiety, stress, depression, burnout, physical injury, or for someone who wants to overcome a struggle with weight, smoking, insomnia, phobias, substance abuse or addiction.

In addition, Privé-Swiss Fitness, an upscale boutique fitness studio, was created to provide a wide variety of group classes taught by seasoned professionals all focused on mind-body integration and offering luxury spa amenities not found anywhere else.

From personal fitness trainers to health coaches and wellness practitioners who have earned top credentials in their fields, the Privé-Swiss experience is focused solely on you, your needs and the achievement of your goals, physically, mentally and emotionally.

Your Journey


Many people who seek an escape at Privé-Swiss Wellness are seeking a healthier and happier life. Our facility offers everything you need to empower yourself from within through proven innovative clinical methods and an invigorating fitness experience.


Enjoy a diverse selection restorative therapies and fitness activities designed to build strength, increase flexibility, and restore balance. Feel inspired by breathtaking views set along a calming, natural landscape while leveraging state-of-the-art fitness equipment.